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A visual novel (Japanese: ビジュアルノベル, Hepburn: bijuaru noberu), often abbreviated as VN, is an interactive fiction video game genre, which originated in Japan, featuring text-based story with narrative style of literature and interactivity aided by static or sprite-based visuals, most often using anime-style art or occasionally live-action stills (and sometimes video footage) Visual Novel is a peculiar genre. Unlike conventional games, there is no active engaging in tasks, as most of the gameplay consists of reading. That explains the 'Novel' part of the name. 'Visual' pertains to the fact that story is accompanied by graphics. At first it was pixel art typical of the 1980s when the first Visual Novels were published. Later it became standard for Visual. A visual novel can be seen as a combination of a novel and a computer game: they're computer games with a large text based storyline and only little interaction of the player. A typical visual novel consists of text over an anime-style background image and is accompanied by background music. Throughout the game, the player usually has to answer a few questions which will have an effect on. It is an interactive fiction video game that basically uses images and sounds to convey a story. The interaction is minimal and is limited to a few choices you have to make to influence the story line. A very text heavy video game, it sometimes us..

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Definition of visual novel in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of visual novel. What does visual novel mean? Information and translations of visual novel in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web I am playing aorund with the question. Most visual novels and if you go for the popular ones, practically all of them , are not based on animes. It's actually the other way around, animes are based on visual novels. Now, which visual novels are no.. Visual novels, while accessible in terms of ease of play, can be a frustrating thing to create. You plot out your narrative, chart all your dialogue, create memorable characters and then when it.

Visual novels are called games much before those things (Nintendo DS or Steam) existed. I can confirm that back in '98 visual novels were already called video games. It was the natural way of calling them. I can't remember calling any visual novel a visual novel, like if visual novel was a term developed with time, while game was the first denomination it received. But I'm still too young to. Erotic visual novels can and do feature explicit sexual acts and storylines, so if that's what you're looking for, you'll find it in droves. But not every visual novel is created equally. Some can and will feature acts, visuals, and scenes you may find objectionable. If there's a fetish out there, there's a game that's covered it. Some may be obvious by the title of the game, but others. Visual Novel (ビジュアルノベル), often shortened to VN, is a general type of game with a lot of dialogue and minimal gameplay (usually the gameplay is reduced to just making choices at a few plot points to determine what route one enters). It may or may not involve any romance or sexual encounters. For example, Danganronpa could qualify as a visual novel, but probably not for any of.

A sound novel is similar to a visual novel in that the gameplay requires relatively little player interaction as most of the game is composed of text dialogues. The original release contained no voice acting for the characters. While a visual novel's basis would be the visual aspect, as the name suggests, a sound novel's basis takes more care in producing an atmosphere via the music, sound. This visual novel was initially called firstproject, but was later renamed Searching for Mio, then later to its current title, The Petty Parody. Its current name was inspired by alliterations used by the Lemony Snicket books, who my friend loves greatly. The name Mio was inspired by Akiyama Mio from the popular anime series K-On!. Throughout its short development (a few weeks or months. KineticNovel (キネティックノベル, Kinetikku Noberu) is a brand of the Japanese software publishing company VisualArt's.The productions of the KineticNovel label are unlike other visual novels in that no choices are given to the player. They have only one possible outcome. The player can choose when to go to the next dialogue screen or else put the game on autoplay and just sit back. I would say something that is only partially a visual novel to start with. Persona 3 Portable is a great game with visual novel story sections but it's also a 50-60 hour RPG so maybe a lot to take in. Danganronpa is sort of a visual novel but has tons of 'gamey' elements like puzzles and minigames. If you've ever played Ace Attorney, it's kinda like that A visual novel can be seen as a combination of a novel and a computer game: they're computer games with a large text based storyline and only little interaction of the player. A typical visual novel consists of text over an anime-style background image and is accompanied by background music. Throughout the game, the player usually has to answer a few questions which will have an effect on the.

This tutorial will help you create a basic visual novel framework that you can use your own story and art in, as well as expand upon the framework itself with more functionality. I will say I'm not the best Unity dev and there are probably better ways to lay out this framework but this will give you a good start if you want to quickly get started with game development. You can see and. The visual novel Muv-Luv has Extra and Unlimited, the first two parts of the story while Muv-Luv Alternative is a sequel and its own visual novel. Muv-Luv Extra is the first VN in the series and is a light-hearted high-school romantic comedy. Its overall reception is mixed, but some people are fans of what it offers. Even if Extra's story isn't your cup of tea, it is important to at least. Visual novels have very little gameplay—the character creation, script, and music gives these games their charm. As you chat with non-playable characters, your job is usually to solve a mystery or to build relationships. The following visual novel video games definitely won't feel like a chore to play. 1. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy . The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is. One of the most important things for catching and keeping the players' interest in a visual novel is the graphic quality, which, in our case, brought the need to use quite heavy, resource-consuming images. Considering that we planned to release the game on mobile platforms as well, this called for efficient ways of memory consumption optimization. Here we found great use for Resources.

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Whats a visual novel CG? Please tell me it doesn't stand for Card Game or something... Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. hp77bfly. Lv 7. 8 years ago. Favorite Answer. It stands for 'Computer Graphic'. Which is silly because ALL the graphics in the game are computer graphics, but it's just an old tradition. Basically, when people talk about CGs they mean the special fullscreen images instead. Read the topic about What exactly is a Visual Novel? on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! (Topic ID: 460677 Ive been thinking about this after Ive finished watching OriginalRens last podcast. Making VNs popular in the places they arent is great, but what exactly does it mean to make them popular? Making what popular? Visual Novels can be considered either as a purely Japanese thing, telling the story w..

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The visual novel stars Tomoya Okazaki, an ordinary high school senior who doesn't take his studies seriously, is always late for school, and doesn't particularly like his life. However, the many girls and guys in (and out) of his school are all people that can help Tomoya have a better life. Clannad is in many ways THE definite version of what most people see as a visual novel. Tomoya chooses. Light Novels. When it comes to light novels, fans tend to be less familiar with the term, but the medium has much in common with manga. In Japan, a light novel is a novella-type story printed in.

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Is a visual novel just like a playstation game? Like you watch scenes, but instead of moving around or whatever, you choose what to do? I'm interested in School days and i want to play the visual novel. I've never tried a visual novel before, so i don't know what they are. I live in new zealand and do not have very fluent japanese, so will i still be able to play School Days This is NOT where you add characters for your visual novel, this is for submitting free to use character art for other game creators to share their artwork with the community in the public resources gallery. To add characters to your visual novel, go to your Dashboard, choose a project and click Open Project, click on the library tab, and add characters there

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  1. eko no naku koro ni) try our Visual Novel Games page. This section is eroge only. There are no free novels in this list (except Katawa Shoujo), so if you want to play them you'll have to search for yourself (can't.
  2. 3. It's 'hip' 5. It's fun. Conclusion: Using a Visual Novel, we can take the HIV/AIDS experience to people around the world. What is a 'Visual Novel?' Do you like Math? Book Visual Novel Manga = + Videogame Japan Why do we care? 1. It's free. 4. It's real. 2. It's convenient
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Viele die sich für Anime und Manga interessieren, haben auch schon mal den Begriff Visual Novel gehört. Doch was ist das überhaupt? Einfach gesagt, sind Visual Novel (VN) Spiele. Entweder gibt es sie für den PC oder aber auch für Konsolen, neuerdings sogar für Smartphones. Der wesentliche Unterschied zu normale One of our users and co-leader of the Lucid9 project, Diamon has written a fantastic and extremely thorough guide about the process that goes into making a visual novel, from his experience, for anyone that's wondering about making one themselves. If you ever have any question or are curious about where to start, I am almost 100% positive you will find an answer in this guide Viele belächeln das Visual Novel-Genre oder empfinden es als langweilig, da diese Spiele von langen Textpassagen leben. Doch dass das Genre. The visual novel, as a genre, has a lot of conventions (like being massively overwritten) but really the main thing is just that the writing is structured around a choices, which you can think of.

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Ren'Py is a visual novel engine - used by thousands of creators from around the world - that helps you use words, images, and sounds to tell interactive stories that run on computers and mobile devices. These can be both visual novels and life simulation games. The easy to learn script language allows anyone to efficiently write large visual novels, while its Python scripting is enough for. These sex games aren't garbage. Read on to find some of the best sex sims, visual novels, and experimental games on PC Visual novels are a wonderful platform for just such stories! While these types of adventure games can cover a wide variety of subjects, we've comprised a list of games that are text heavy.

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  1. Visual Novel Maker contains beautifully crafted resources named Standard Asset Resources (StARs) to help you start with your game. This includes characters, backgrounds, music and sound effects free to use when you buy the program! Multiplatform Support Export your games to Windows, Mac OSX, Linux Ubuntu, Android, iOS, SteamOS, and for the web! Desktop. Mobile. Web. Powerful Scripting.
  2. Eine Visual Novel ist quasi wie der Name schon sagt eine Novelle mit visuellen Inhalten. Genauer gesagt ist es quasi ein Roman den man am Computer ließt und daher gibt es oft Features die es in einem gedruckten Buch nicht geben würde, wie z.B. das jedesmal wenn eine der Romanfiguren spricht, ein Bild dieser Person auftaucht, oder das wenn die Handlung gerade an einem.
  3. Visual Novel Maker is developed by André Radomski. Features. BEAUTIFUL FREE TO USE ASSETS: Visual Novel Maker contains beautifully crafted resources named Standard Asset Resources (StARs) to help you start with your game. This includes characters, backgrounds, music and sound effects free to use when you buy the program! DYNAMIC CREATION TOOLS AIMED FOR ARTISTS AND WRITERS: Visual Novel Maker.
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  5. The Silver Case is a visual novel directed, designed, and co-written by Goichi Suda (better known as by their nickname Suda 51). The story puts you in the shoes of a member of the special forces.

Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Visual Novel products on Steam New and Trending Top Sellers What's Popular Top Rated Upcoming Results exclude some products based on your preferences-10%. $12.99. $11.69. Five Dates . FMV, Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Choose Your. Cinderella Phenomenon - Otome/Visual Novel Apr 2017 Otome Free 8.28 97% 3,061 votes ~ 25. fault - milestone two side:above Sep 2015 Visual Novel $14.99 8.28 97% 2,327 votes ~ 26. Tsukikage no Simulacre:Kaihou no Hane Jul 2019 Adventure $15.99 8.27 99% 1,234 votes ~ 27. planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ Nov 2004 Visual Novel $9.99 8.26 98% 1,713 votes ~ 28. Lucy -The Eternity She. As a Vampire: The Masquerade-based Visual Novel, Coteries of New York hits all the right notes: beautiful artwork, great ambient music and sound effects and fantastic dialogue that perfectly conveys the personality of every single character in the game. However, it has been getting very lukewarm reviews on Steam. One of the reasons might be that players go in expecting either a romance vampire. It can sometimes be easier to structure your scenes using visual aids instead of relying on lists and written notes. Here are some visual methods for writing and structuring a scene that are useful at the outlining and first-draft-writing stages: A) Mind mapping. This is a great tool for learning how to write a novel using visual aids. You can mind map in a notebook, on a whiteboard or using a.

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Some people obviously wouldn't like it sure, although if we looking at many VNs companies being bankrupt (The most noticeable one is Light in that in the past I called them they're milking Masada) I guess in the end milking Luv Luv here is the most sensible way for age to survive (Even though the reader may be already tired by Muv Luv and it's setting) There is no real setting, and the only visual cues the reader has are vague and abstract. However, the narrative summary does demonstrate the nature of the character, Caroline—she feels she must butter her mother up, bribe her even, in order to ask for something she needs, which turns out to be a relatively small thing. It reflects Caroline's tendency to live in her head, and shows us she. Graphic novel, in American and British usage, a type of text combining words and images—essentially a comic, although the term most commonly refers to a complete story presented as a book rather than a periodical. The term graphic novel is contentious. From the 1970s, as the field of comic studie

TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio > General Discussions > Topic Details. jQ_theeNHK!! Mar 28, 2015 @ 2:13am Anime character creator software?? I like how Manga Maker comipo allows you to create a 3d model and rotate them to get just the right angle for the shot you need, does anyone. Visual novels are the perfect genre of game to curl up with. Here's our collection for the ten best visual novels. Best visual novels. I'm not here to give a broad definition of what a visual novel is. I'm just here to point you to some outstanding games you should check out if you're ever in the mood for some reading. As always, you might find that your favourite visual novel is not. This is NOT where you add characters for your visual novel, this is for submitting free to use character art for other game creators to share their artwork with the community in the public resources gallery. To add characters to your visual novel, go to your Dashboard, choose a project and click Open Project, click on the library tab, and add characters there Visual Novels 28438 > Tags 2586 Releases 72101 Producers 10534 Staff 21443 Characters 90935 > Traits 2777. v2920; relations; releases; discussions (10) history; Report an issue on this page. White Album 2 ~Introductory Chapter~ Safe / Tame (11) Title: White Album 2 ~Introductory Chapter~ Aliases: ホワイトアルバム2, WHITE ALBUM2 -i.c.-, WA2ic : Length: Short (2 - 10 hours) Developer.

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Your literary analysis of a novel will often be in the form of an essay or book report where you will be asked to give your opinions of the novel at the end. To conclude, choose the elements that made the greatest impression on you. Point out which characters you liked best or least and always support your arguments. Try to view the novel as a whole and try to give a balanced analysis. What Is a Graphic Novel? What is a 'Graphic Novel?' is a two-page condensed introduction to what comics are, how they work, and how to read them.Originally drawn by Jessica in 2002 for the site artbomb.net, it serves as great introduction for newcomers into the world of graphic novels.You can use it in your classroom or library, or even put it to personal use when giving someone. Novel definition is - new and not resembling something formerly known or used. How to use novel in a sentence. Did You Know? Synonym Discussion of novel

My Neighbors Are Demons!!? - An Adult Visual Novel Alexandria, VA Video Games $24,676. pledged of $7,000 goal 1,071 backers Support. Select this reward. Pledge US$ 12 or more About US$ 12 Director's Cut of the game (Digital) Get a DRM-Free Director's Cut of the full game with all of the crazy extras we decide to toss in! Includes: Director's Cut of the game. Less. Estimated delivery Sep 2017. Novel definition, a fictitious prose narrative of considerable length and complexity, portraying characters and usually presenting a sequential organization of action and scenes. See more

But a romantic visual novel, of all things, petrified me recently — just by completely subverting my expectations. It exploited my confidence in the visual novel genre and turned that into a. The the visual novel SC2VN, however, offers you a chance to live out a very different sort of fantasy: becoming a professional Starcraft 2 player in South Korea. Unexpectedly, I loved it Visual Novel, Simulation: Tags: 2D, Dating Sim, my-hero-academia, Romance, Singleplayer: Languages: English: More posts. The Gender of the Player + Release Date Info. 7 days ago. End of Month Report 10/31/2020. 18 days ago. End of Month Report 9/30/2020. 49 days ago. End of Month Report 8/31/2020. 79 days ago . End of Month Report 7/31/2020. Jul 31, 2020. Update for Second Section. Jul 05. Called Gothic because its imaginative impulse was drawn from medieval buildings and ruins, such novels commonly used such settings as castles or monasteries equipped with subterranean passages, dark battlements, hidden panels, and trapdoors. The vogue was initiated in England by Horace Walpole's immensely successful Castle of Otranto (1765). His most respectable follower was Ann Radcliffe.

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This is a visual novel for the story, and I bought it for such. A short plot summary for anyone who might not know. Fuyuki City is the hosting grounds for the Fifth Holy Grail War. Seven (usually) mages are chosen as Masters and summon Servants, Heroic Spirits from different ages like King Arthur, Hercules, and Gilgamesh. Each Servant has Noble Phantasms, weapons or skills that made them. The noun novel describes a book-length work of fiction. PLAY; LOOK UP. LISTS; Vocabulary.com Dictionary; Advanced Search; List Builder; Random Word; novel. If something is so new and original that it's never been seen, used or even thought of before, call it novel. The noun novel describes a book-length work of fiction. New and novel come from the same Indo-European root but by different paths.

Visual Novels 28243 > Tags 2586 Releases 71531 Producers 10420 Staff 21221 Characters 90379 Reformation as sprite / S-WORKS on 28 November 2019. 0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2. 96 MB / Single Link Title: ROBOTICS NOTES DaSH-DARKSiDERS Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel Developer: MAGES. Black Ritual a visual novel (Official Demo) by Beastcarving Studio. You will see STAGE width and height options. Visual. A visual novel (VN) usually comprises of having a rich storyline due to the amount of time that can be dedicated to one game. Its art-style is usually anime-like. It has its own original soundtrack like every other game. Visual novels also usually feature branching plotlines except for kinetic novels which we will discuss later. The only difference between a VN and a conventional game is that.

Visual Novels are a pretty niche genre, at least for most Western markets. They're very popular in their native Japan, and though still not a huge market over here, have been picking-up steam in recent years. Speaking of, Steam carries a ton of localized and amateur visual novels. While there have been some issues with censorship of these titles on the platform, it's still one of the only. But I do enjoy writing novels in my spare time, so the lure of creating a visual novel is easy for me to take. TyranoBuilder costs $14.99 (Windows PC and Mac) and sells itself as a simple click. As such, I've put together a list of the 15 best PC visual novels that every gamer should play. Check out my recommendations below! Best PC Visual Novels: Best Visual Novels for Steam, GOG, itch. Graphic novels are often overlooked when studied as compendiums of serialized comics and we need to move forward in our analyses by recognizing that a comic and graphic novel have the same form. However, a graphic novel may or may not be a compendium of serialized works- it could be a collection (or volume) or a single release issue (what is more officially recognized as the graphic novel. Since this is a visual novel, that means there's more reading than actual gameplay. There are some adventure aspects, like getting to roam around the school during free time and investigations. The bulk of the gameplay involves talking to characters, point-and-click investigations, and getting through the class trials. If you're looking for something with more complex controls, this might not.

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End the visual analysis paper with a summary of the main points and your final thoughts on the evaluation of the piece. How to write a visual analysis of an artwork. When writing a visual analysis of an artwork, you will need to describe elements such as the lines, shapes, colors and forms in the piece. Next, you will want to evaluate how they. Visual Novel Engines - also Programme mit denen man Visual Novels erstellen kann. Natürlich kann man auch einfach eine Programmiersprache zum Erstellen einer Visual Novel nehmen, aber mit einer Engine, die speziell zum Erstellen von Visual Novels gemacht wurde, geht es einfacher. Wir stellen hier mal die wichtigsten Visual Novel Engines vor, um es Interessenten zu erleichtern, sich für eine. The mind behind 2017's surprise hit visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club has revealed that the game will be getting more content, potentially in 2020. Doki Doki Literature Club was created, written and developed by former Super Smash Bros Melee pro and Project M Development Team member Dan Salvato. In the game, the male protagonist is invited to join a literature and poetry club by a. I've read a ton of tr*sh chinese novels, I mean 90% of the stuff put out of there fits that bill. This however is just weird trope after weird trope without any idea of where the story is even supposed to be heading. So 1 star, I can't go above that as even 1 star feels like more than the author deserves. [collapse] Btw I believe a rating for a series should be based on the series, not the. A visual novel/point-and-click game template using Yarn Spinner and Unity 2020. unity game-development visual-novel point-and-click yarn-spinner Updated Oct 16, 2020; C#; TodokanaiTL / WA2EnglishPatch Star 12 Code Issues Pull requests White Album 2 English Patch Installer. visual-novel patch.

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Visual Novel. Play in browser. DFD - Chapter 2. The continuation of the story of a man and his partner trying to run a successful diner. Love-Joint. Visual Novel. Play in browser. DFD - Chapter 1. An adult visual novel with a man and his partner trying to run a café . Love-Joint. Visual Novel. Play in browser. itch.io. A sub-genre of adventure games, visual novels are a form of interactive fiction that usually have very little in terms of gameplay but often focus more on extensive storytelling, character interactions, decision-making and branching narratives

A visual novel adventure game developed by studio 5pg. The game is an improved version of the independent game created by Makoto Kedouin and originally released in 1996. Corpse Party takes place in a high school building that was built on the ruins of an old grade school in which a terrible and mysterious crime has occurred. One day, due to unexplainable events, a group of students enters a. The visual novel and the animated adaptations including the two TV series and film have received high sales figures in Japan. Across the national ranking of bishōjo games in amount sold in Japan, the Clannad limited edition PC release premiered at number one twice since its release, and the third ranking brought the PC release down to forty-six out of fifty. Out of eight DVDs released for the.

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Visual Novels Discussion ; Visual Novel Talk ; Whats the name of this company? Facebook; Twitter; Google; Sign in to follow this . Followers 1. Whats the name of this company? By Red_Rain77, June 24, 2019 in Visual Novel Talk. Recommended Posts. Red_Rain77 5 Red_Rain77 5 Newbie; Members 5 9 posts; Report post; Posted June 24, 2019 It's on the back of almost all of the games released by Yuzu. When I first joined RPS two(!) years(!!) ago, one of the very first things I wrote about was RB: Axolotl, a visual novel about a bunch of axolotls living in different corners of a tank and having very intense, obsessive relationships with each other.At the time it was just a demo, but now it's a full game. I'm still playing my way through it, but indications after several hours so far are. In visual media we see characters in front of us, so we don't need to 'remember' so much as 'recognise'. That means a lot of popular narratives have a wider character base than most writing can comfortably support. Anyone who's tried to write a section of dialogue where four or more people are actively involved in the conversation will know that while you can just show that. Clannad is the anime adaptation of the visual novel developed by KEY for Windows PCs in 2004, which was later ported to PlayStation consoles and the Xbox 360. The game was the best-selling PC game in 2004 and charted in national top 50 rankings several more times afterwards. Clannad has been adapted into four manga adaptations, an animated film, two anime series, two OVAs, comic anthologies. Seinarukana - The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 is a Visual Novel by Xuse. The second in the Eien Shinken (Eternity Sword) series, and the sequel to Eien no Aselia.. The main character, Setoki Nozomu, is an Ordinary High-School Student.Until one day, whilst helping out with preparations for the School Festival, the school, Mononobe Academy, comes under attack by a mysterious army of sword.

www.visual-novel.d Visual Novel Indonesia hat 1.624 Mitglieder. Group Visual Novel Indonesia. Semenjak 15 September 2014 Hanya Membahas mengenai Visual Novel dan Berbagai Hal yang berkaitan dengan itu. Jika mempunyai visual novel buatan sendiri, bisa dipromosikan disini. Jika Kamu mewakili sebuah organisasi, cv, pt, ataupun perseorangan yang membuat visual novel. A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS Download Now Name your own price Please also note this game's art is different from the original demo you may have heard about

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