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Besondere Unterkünfte Zum Kleinen Preis. Täglich Neue Angebote. 98% Kundenzufriedenheit. Preisgarantie, Keine Buchungsgebühren - Einfach, Schnell Und Siche split-GAL4 expression patterns in the midgut. Tuesday, August 25, 2020. The BDSC and Nick Sokol's lab have collaborated to characterize split-GAL4 driver expression patterns in the Drosophila midgut. See more . . However, many Gal4 driver lines available from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (BDSC) and commonly used in Drosophila neurobiology are still not well characterized. Among these are three lines with Gal4 driven by the elav promoter (BDSC #8760, #8765, and #458), one line with Gal4 driven by the repo promoter (BDSC #7415), and the 69B-Gal4 line (BDSC #1774). For most of these lines, the.

Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center, (2017). GAL4 lines at Bloomington https://bdsc.indiana.edu/stocks/gal4/gal4_all.htm In January 2011, the Rubin lab began depositing our collection of GAL4 driver lines in the Bloomington Stock Center at the rate of approximately 100 lines a week and all lines were available for distribution by December 31, 2012. Data relating to these lines is available through the article and weblink (above and following) Mit Hilfe des GAL4/UAS-Systems (auch UAS-GAL4-System) können beliebige klonierte Gene gezielt in bestimmten Zellen oder Geweben exprimiert werden. GAL4 ist ein hefespezifischer Transkriptionsfaktor, der unter der Kontrolle eines schwachen Promotors steht und für das Protein GAL4 codiert. Zur Expression wird ein weiterer Promoter oder Enhancer benötigt. Das Protein GAL4 bindet spezifisch an. Gal4/Gal80 lines: w;tim-Gal4; (Bloomington #7126), w;;repo-Gal4 (Bloomington #7415), w;Mai179-Gal4; (Helfrich-Förster Lab), w;Pdf-Gal4; (Bloomington #6900), w;;Pdf-Gal80 (Rosbash Lab). All Gal4 driver lines were outcrossed at least six generations to w-CS (white-eyed Canton-S strain). All flies were grown and maintained on standard yeast-cornmeal-agar media (Archon Scientific, Glucose recipe. The Generation 1 GAL4 lines almost always express in more than one cell type. However, we found that it is possible to achieve cell-type specificity if expression is limited to the overlap in the expression patterns of two Generation 1 lines. The approach we prefer for carrying out such positive intersections is the split-GAL4 method (Luan et al. 2006; Pfeiffer et al, 2010)

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nsyb-Gal4, n-syb-Gal4, nSybGal4, n-synaptobrevin-GAL4, nSynb-GAL4, syb-GAL4. Size Expression Data GAL4 reporter/driver. Associated insertion(s) 1 available. GAL4 driver disrupting aspects of normal development have been reported. For example, effects on ommatidial development have been observed with P{GAL4-ninaE. GMR} (Freeman, 1996). For such reasons it is important to ensure that the process of interest is not affected by the presence of either the GAL4 driver or by the pres

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  1. gton Stock Center. Split-GAL4 lines can be requested by email. For other questions, contact us at flylight@janelia.org
  2. Trainee Diversity Funding Opportunity. The Drosophila Board invites applications for funding to support efforts to increase trainee participation, equity and diversity in the Drosophila research community. Non-profit programs that introduce middle school, high school or college students to Drosophila research are eligible to apply. Applications are due by Dec. 31 st 2020
  3. The GAL80ts entry in FlyBase represents a temperature-sensitive version of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae GAL80 gene ( SGDID:S000004515 ). At the permissive temperature of 18[o]C, GAL80ts protein is functional, acting as a negative regulator of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae GAL4 transcriptional activator, by binding to the GAL4 protein. At restrictive temperatures above 29[o]C, GAL80ts can no.
  4. In the last decade, RNA interference (RNAi), a cellular mechanism that uses RNA-guided degradation of messenger RNA transcripts, has had an important impact on identifying and characterizing gene function. First discovered in Caenorhabditis elegans , RNAi can be used to silence the expression of genes through introduction of exogenous double-stranded RNA into cells

Corresponding Author. jduffy@bio.indiana.edu; Department of Biology, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Department of Biology, Indiana University, 1001 E. 3rd Street, Bloomington, IN 47405Search for more papers by this autho Scer\GAL4 ple.PF is expressed in approximately 12 PPL1, 11 PPL2, 8 PPM1/2, 7 PPM3 and 5 PAL dopaminergic neurons, but is not expressed well in the PAM cluster. PAL neurons are seen to project across the midline. Neurons of the PPM1/2 cluster are seen to project ventrally. PPL1 cluster neurons are seen to project medially and dorsally towards the mushroom body, and the PPM3 neurons are observed. GMR-Gal4 UAS-uMCas9: 318006: CG13194: fTRG: pyramus: 330754: CG18426: shRNA: yantar: The Vienna Drosophila Resource Center (VDRC) is part of the Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities (VBCF), a publicly funded, non profit research infrastructure. Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities GmbH (VBCF) Dr. Bohr-Gasse 3 A-1030 Vienna Austria office@vdrc.at. Follow us. Contact office@vdrc.at. Follow us. The yeast transcription factor GAL4 is widely used in Drosophila genetics to misexpress genes that are under control of the yeast upstream activator sequence (UAS). Here we show that high levels of GAL4 change the expression of many Drosophila genes in a UAS-independent manner, including genes that encode components of important signaling pathways. We find that at least part of the genomic. Bloomington jetzt legal streamen. Hier findest du einen Überblick aller Anbieter, bei denen du Bloomington online schauen kannst

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Bloomington ist eine Stadt im Monroe County im US-Bundesstaat Indiana, Vereinigte Staaten, mit 84.465 Einwohnern (Stand: 2016).Sie liegt 80 km südlich von Indianapolis. Das Stadtgebiet hat eine Größe von 51,6 km 2.. Bloomington ist der Standort des Hauptkampus der Indiana University mit rund 42.000 Studenten und Sitz des Kinsey Institute for Sex Research, der renommierten Jacobs School of. RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access The Hunchback temporal transcription factor establishes, but is not required to maintain, early-born neuronal identit

The P{lox(Trojan-GAL4)x3} construct illustrated below can donate GAL4-encoding Trojan exons in all three reading frames. Donor constructs for single reading frames are also available. See Donor stocks for lines carrying insertions of these constructs gewebespezifischen Expression von GAL4 in eigens dafür etablierten transgenen Drosophila-Linien, sogenannten Treiberlinien. In Tabelle 2.1 sind die Treiberlinien und deren spezifische GAL4-Expression aufgeführt, die zur Transgen-Expression in der vorliegenden Arbeit verwendet wurden. Die beschriebenen Stämme sind beim Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (Indiana University) erhältlich. 15. Dilp2-GAL4: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center: RRID:BDSC 37516: LexAOP-Flp: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center: RRID:BDSC 55819: UAS(FRT.stop)dTRPA1: Chuan Zhou at the Institute of Zoology, China (Zhou et al., 2014) N/A: UAS(FRT.stop)CsChrimson-mVenus: Yufeng Pan at Southeast University, Chhina (Wu et al., 2019) N/A: Dilp2 mutant strain: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center: RRID:BDSC 30881. Immunostaining was performed on transgenic flies containing both a regulatory peptide-GAL4 transgene and UAS-mCD8-GFP as a GFP reporter (Lee and Luo, 1999). A total of 25 regulatory peptide-GAL4 drivers were used, with details on 23 described elsewhere (Min et al., 2016), and AstA-GAL4 (Hergarden et al., 2012) and Dh31-GAL4 (Bloomington stock. (A) Generation of ΔDsk (A 1) and ΔDsk GAL4 (A 2). Dashed boxes indicate the region replaced by 3P3-RFP (A 1) or GAL4 (A 2) cassette.(B) Male adult brains of the indicated genotypes were stained with anti-DSK antibody (green) and counter-stained with nc82 antibody (magenta) to label neuropil.Arrowheads: Dsk-expressing neurons. (C-G) ΔDsk GAL4 driven UAS-mCD8:GFP expression in +/ΔDsk GAL4.

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Small animals such as Drosophila provide an opportunity to understand the neural circuitry for complex behaviors from sensory input to motor output without gaps. Here, we define the algorithms for Drosophila larva phototaxis (i.e., the maps between sensory input and motor output) by quantifying the movements of individual animals responding to a battery of illumination conditions Cha-Gal4: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center: RRID:BDSC_6793: FlyBase genotype: w *; P{ChAT-GAL4.7.4}19B P{UAS-GFP.S65T}Myo31DF T2: Genetic reagent (D. melanogaster) R56F03-Gal4: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center: RRID:BDSC_39157: FlyBase genotype: w[1118]; P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=GMR56 F03-GAL4}attP2: Genetic reagent (D. melanogaster) AANAT1 lo: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center: RRID:BDSC. wg-gal4 (Bloomington Stock Center, Bloomington IN) was crossed to UAS-mCD8-GFP (Lee and Luo, 1999) to generate wg>GFP genotype. Newly hatched larvae <1000 μm in average length were transferred from 24 h collections (non-yeasted, apple juice agar plates). Whole-organism, bright-field behavior. Wild-type larvae, yw, of either sex were used for all experiments. Open, flat surfaces. Larvae were. Different hh-Gal4 niche drivers have distinct patterns of expression in adult females. Gal4 drivers expressed in subsets of cells in the adult ovary are routinely used for the study of oogenesis (Hudson and Cooley 2014).To determine the degree of cell type/tissue specificity of commonly used ovary Gal4 drivers (), we carefully examined their expression patterns in adult female tissues.

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Or-GAL4 drivers were from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (NIH P40OD018537). nompA-GAL4 and ASE5-GAL4 were provided by C. Montell and described previously (Barolo et al., 2000; Chung et al., 2001). GAL4 drivers were crossed to a UAS-mCD8:GFP line (Lee and Luo, 1999). white Canton-S (wCS) and Obp28a-flies (described below) were used for electrophysiology experiments. Obp28a-was. The GAL4 transcriptional activator from Saccharomyces cerevisiae functions in Drosophila (F ischer et al. 1988), and the GAL4/UAS binary expression system (UAS denotes a GAL4 binding site) has become a powerful and widely used tool for directed gene expression (B rand and P errimon 1993; D uffy 2002). In such two component systems, one transgenic construct drives the expression of a site. genotype is P{COG-GAL4:VP16}; P{Gal4-nos.NGT}40; P{nos-Gal4-VP16} Bloomington stock #31777 Combinations of these transgenes were first reported by Grieder et al. (Grieder et al., 2000) in their effort to produce uniform expression of Tubulin:GFP in the germarium and in egg chambers. Andrew Hudson in the Cooley lab established a stable homozygous stock dubbed MTD-Gal4, which was published in. In the Frequently Used GAL4 Drivers table, we have compiled informaon for 200 GAL4 drivers, including the 150 stocks most ordered from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center and those drivers most frequently used in publicaons. This table can be accessed via a link on the GAL4 etc QuickSearch tab, and is also available as a downloadable file. The table can be sorted by column for most. We gratefully acknowledge the global fly community for generous sharing of reagents and stocks, particularly Bloomington Drosophila Stock Centre (NIH P40OD018537), Kyoto Stock Centre, T. Millard (UAS-Pten3-G137E stock), M. Freeman (mz0709-GAL4 and alrm-GAL4 stocks), and H. Keshishian and M. Saitoe (GSG3285-1 stock)

We found that among these eight dpp CRM transgenic lines in GMR collection (available at Bloomington Stock Center fly collection) (Table 1), only two GMR18D08>GFP and GMR17E04>GFP exhibit eye specific expression. However, the other dpp CRM lines like GMR18B08-Gal4 , GMR19D09-Gal4 , GMR16G02-Gal4 , GMR17G08-Gal4 , GMR19B04-Gal4 and GMR19C03-Gal4 did not show any eye specific expression. The. These GAL4 lines were used to construct ET-FLPx2; TG; GAL4, UAS-GFP and ET-FLPx2; TSG; We thank F. Pignoni, K. Scott, the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center [National Institutes of Health (NIH) P40-OD018537], and the Transgenic RNAi Project at Harvard Medical School (NIH R01-GM084947) for providing fly stocks. We also thank T. Fore and M. Peck for helpful discussion and comments during. The following lines were obtained from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center at Indiana University (Bloomington, IN, USA): Trh-GAL4 (II) (stock #38388), Trh-GAL4 (III) (stock #38389), Mi{ET1}5HT7 MB01344 (stock#23066), Mi{MIC}5HT7 MI08096 (stock#44745), UAS-GCaMP6f (stock#42747), UAS-sSyb:spGFP1-10,LexAop-CD4:spGFP11 (stock#64314), LexAop-nSyb:spGFP1-10, UAS-CD4:spGFP11 (stock#64315), LexAop. ey-Gal4, heat shock (hs)-Gal4, and GMR-Gal4 (Bloomington Stock Center) were used to overexpress UAS-dpias(522) and UAS-dpias(537). These transgenic strains carrying stable insertions on chromosomes 1 and 2, respectively, were generated by P element-mediated transformation The following fly stocks were used in this study: LKB1 X5, UAS-LKB1 WT, and UAS-LKB1 KI , HDAC4 KG09091 (Bloomington #15159), UAS-HDAC4 RNAi (VDRC #20522), UAS-bmm RNAi (Bloomington #25926), UAS-InR CA (Bloomington #15159), cg-Gal4 (Bloomington #7011), hs-Gal4 (Bloomington #1799), UAS-2xEGFP (Bloomington #6874), UAS-HA-AMPK TD , CRTC 25-3 , UAS-FLAG-HDAC4 WT and UAS-FLAG-HDAC4 3A , AKHR 1.

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  1. gton Drosophila Stock Center will characterize the expression of split-GAL4 driver transgenes in the intestine. To cut through the complexity of driver expression patterns, they will use.
  2. gton Stock Center
  3. gton Stock Center), esg-GFP, UAS-dome DN (gifts from N. Perrimon, Harvard University, USA), UAS-Luc (gift from M. Markstein, University of Massachusetts, USA), su(H)GBE-Gal4 (gift from S. Hou, Frederick, USA), UAS-basket DN (Bloo
  4. To rule out this possibility, we used a NompC-Gal4 instead of the Nan-Gal4 to label neurons beneath mechanosensitive tarsal bristles for the following two reasons: (1) NompC is involved in tarsal mechanosensation-based collective behavior and mechanosensitive neurons that express both NompC and Nan mediate food texture sensing during feeding in the labial bristle [16, 18]; and (2) intersection.

GETDB, a Gal4 enhancer trap database: GETDB, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto, Japan; Interactive Maps: four maps displaying markers and lineages of D. melanogaster neuroblasts, glial cells, and interneurons: Interactive Maps, Institut fur Genetik, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany; Jove, videos of experimental techniques: Jove, Journal of Visualized Experiments, USA; Learning. Fly stocks. We previously described the generation of the trpA1 1 (Kwon et al., 2008) and trpA1 GAL4 (Kim et al., 2010), which we deposited at the Bloomington Stock Center.Both trpA1 mutants were backcrossed into a w 1118 background for five generations. The w 1118 strain was used as the wild-type control. The tim-GAL4 and cry-GAL4 were contributed by A. Seghal (University of Pennsylvania. IR8a-GAL4: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center: BDSC:41731: Genetic reagent (D. melanogaster) Obp59a-GAL4: this paper: Created using 5' and 3' fragments cloned into pBGRY1. Injected into attP2 site. Genetic reagent (D. melanogaster) attP2: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center: BDSC:8622: Genetic reagent (D. melanogaster) IR8a-GAL4: Bloomington. Characterization of split-GAL4 driver expression in the Drosophila intestine at the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center Cook, Kevin R. Sokol, Nicholas Indiana University Bloomington, Bloomington, IN, United State 85 collection of split-GAL4 driver stocks maintained at the Bloomington Drosophila Stock 86 Center (Dionne et al., 2018; Tirian and Dickson, 2017). In the split-GAL4 system, the 87 DNA-binding domain of GAL4 and a transcriptional activator are expressed from 88 separate transgenes with different regulatory sequences (Luan et al., 2006). Combining 89 the two transgenes with simple crosses.

GAL4 lines are one part of the binary GAL4-UAS system (Brand and Perrimon, 1993). Our Vienna Tiles (VT) enhancer Gal4 lines are typically used in Drosophila experiments as 'drivers' to restrict the expression of a UAS line (e.g., UAS-RNAi) to a specific subset of cells or developmental time-point. Each line contains a short fragment of genomic DNA controlling GAL4 expression and the. Ablation of germ-line precursor cells in Caenorhabditis elegans extends lifespan by activating DAF-16, a forkhead transcription factor (FOXO) repressed by insulin/insulin-like growth factor (IGF) signaling (IIS). Signals from the gonad might thus regulate whole-organism aging by modulating IIS. To date, the details of this systemic regulation of aging by the reproductive system are not.

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The Drosophila midgut is an excellent system for characterizing cell cycle regulation in the context of tissue homeostasis. Two major progenitor cell The GAL4 lines have been deposited in the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center for distribution. Discrepancies are likely to occur at some low frequency in a collection of this size; if you obtain a line and find it does not match what is presented on this site, please let us know by emailing gal4-gen1@janelia.hhmi.org UAS.Ena (Bloomington) was also expressed with the Flip-out Gal4 driver. UAS.EnaS187A and UAS.EnaS187D transgenes were generated in the course of this work. To express the transgenes, newly eclosed females were heat-shocked at 37°C for 15 min and ovaries were dissected 2 d after heat-shock The following Gal4 driver lines from the Janelia Farm Gal4 collection (Jenett et al., 2012) were obtained from the Bloomington Stock Center: R66A09-Gal4, R67B05-Gal4, R70A11-Gal4, R23E12-Gal4, R75D10-Gal4, R65D03-Gal4, and R35C08-Gal4. Immunohistochemistry. Brains and thoracic/abdominal ganglia were dissected in Ringer's solution (pH 7.3, 290-310 mOsm) containing 5 m m HEPES-NaOH, 130 m m.

The GAL4 transactivator then drives (thus is sometimes called the GAL4 driver) the expression of any gene of interest that has been cloned downstream of a UAS binding site. The advantage of this system is that the transcriptional activator (driver) and the UAS-based transgene (target) are carried in different parental lines, thus ensuring their viability and enabling a combinatorial. Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center: BDSC: 42353: D. melanogaster: Moody-Gal4: Obtained from Ulrike Gaul (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) N/A: D. melanogaster: NP2276-Gal4: Kyoto Drosophila Genomics and Genetic Resources: Kyoto DGGR: 112853: D. melanogaster: NP6293-Gal4: Kyoto Drosophila Genomics and Genetic Resources: Kyoto DGGR: 10518 The NP2631 and NP3061-Gal4 strains (Tanaka et al., 2008) were obtained from the Drosophila Genetic Resource Center, the Tub-Gal80 ts strains (#7017 and 7019) (McGuire et al., 2003) from the Bloomington Stock Center, and the UAS-GBRi (v1784) and UAS-GAD RNAi (v32344) strains (Dietzl et al., 2007) from Vienna Drosophila RNAi Center. Other strains used in this study were extant lines in the lab

GMR18B07-Gal4 was reported to label four pairs of MNs , which were confirmed by their glutamate expression (Fig. 6A, left). The following stocks were obtained from Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (BDSC): nompC-QF (BDSC nos. 36346 and 36349), nompC-LexA (BDSC nos. 52240 and 52241), nompC-Gal4 (BDSC nos. 36361 and 36369), NP7506-Gal4 (BDSC no. 114319), GMR41E11-Gal4 (BDSC no. 50131. Gal4::VP16.R)1, w[*]; P(Gal4-nos.NGT)40; P(Gal4::VP16-nos.UTR)CG6325[MVD1]), described in Petrella et al. (2007) (Bloomington Stock no. 31777), a gift from L. Cooley. These Figure 1 Strategies for knockdown of maternal and zygotic tran-scripts. (A) Depletion of a maternal transcript following expression of shRNAs in the female germline. The maternal Gal4 driver (blue) acti- vates shRNAs (red.

The following stocks were obtained from the Bloomington Stock Center: hml-gal4; UAS-GFP, msn 06946 /TM3 (msn-lacZ), w *; In(2LR) noc 4L Sco rv9R b 1 /CyO, P{w[+mC]=ActGFP}JMR1, hsFLP and Ubi-GFP FRT40A, twist-gal4, P{ry[+t7.2]=Act5C(FRT.polyA)lacZ.nls1}3 ry[506], y[1] w[*]; P{UAS-FLP1.D}JD1. Oregon R was used for wild type. To generate somatic clones, hsFLP; Pvr c2195 FRT40A/Ubi-GFP, FRT40A. Genetic screens for recessive mutations continue to provide the basis for much of the modern work on Drosophila developmental genetics. However, many of the mutations isolated in these screens cause embryonic or early larval lethality. Studying the effects of such mutations on later developmental events is still possible, however, using genetic mosaic techniques, which limit losses or gains of. We thank Dr. Julie H. Simpson for providing rdl-Gal4 flies, Dr. Li Liu for providing 104y-Gal4 flies, the Bloomington stock center and Vienna Drosophila RNAi stock center for providing flies, and members of the Han laboratory for critical comments on this manuscript. The authors declare no competing financial interests. Correspondence should be addressed to either of the following: Junhai Han. RNA interference (RNAi) has emerged as a powerful way of reducing gene function in Drosophila melanogaster tissues. By expressing synthetic short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) using the Gal4/UAS system, knockdown is efficiently achieved in specific tissues or in clones of marked cells. Here we show that knockdown by shRNAs is so potent and persistent that even transient exposure of cells to shRNAs can. nub-GAL4 (#25754), ap-GAL4 (#3041), tubP-GAL80 ts (#7017), w; UAS-GFP-dpp (#53716) w; His2Av-RFP (#23650), w;; His2Av-RFP (#23651), and scrib 2 (#41775) were obtained from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center. UAS-tkv RNAi (#3059) was obtained from the Vienna Drosophila RNAi Center. Tkv-YFP CPTI00248 (#115298) was obtained from the Kyoto Drosophila Genetic Resources Center. dpp FRT.CA; rn.

The 1151-GFP is a double transgenic strain generated from the 1151-Gal4 effector line (kindly provided by K. VijayRaghavan, Bangalore, India) and an UAS-GFPnls strain (from the Bloomington Stock Centre). The Stripe-Gal4 combined with an UAS-GFP was obtained from G. Morata (Madrid, Spain). The MHC-tauGFP strain was kindly provided by E. N. Olson and E. Chen (Dallas, USA), the RP298-lacZ/duf. These are available from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center or can be directly requested from the source lab. Please To express Cas9 under the control of the Gal4/UAS system we made two UAS-cas9 constructs. The first (called UAS-cas9.P on Flybase) contains a cas9 ORF that is codon optimised for expression in Drosophila and was cloned into the high-expression vector pJFRC81 (Addgene.

FlyBase Recombinant Construct Report: P{nSyb-GAL4

  1. VP16 GAL4 cds D.m. nanos: General Fly Transformation Vectors: p119der (Tribolium) 1425: SV40 3'UTR UAS Tc'Hsp promoter: Tribolium Vectors: p130der (Tribolium) 1426: hsp70 promoter SV40 3'UTR GAL4(delta) Tribolium Vectors: p53-pExP-gl: 1152: General Fly Transformation Vectors: p53R155H-pExP-gl: 1153: General Fly Transformation Vectors: p8HCO: 1003: methotrexate resistance gene: Cell Culture.
  2. gton Drosophila Stock Center. UAS-dilp8-RNAi (v102604), UAS-sams-RNAi 1 (v103143), UAS-sams-RNAi 2 (v7167), UAS-gnmt-RNAi 2 (v110623), and UAS-CBS-RNAi 1 (v107325) were obtained from the VDRC stock center. Expression Constructs. UAS.
  3. gton Stock Number: #7415? This line has been passed on for some generations in our lab before I got it. I would like to know.
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Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center FlyBase JDD. Contact Us Send a Message Reference Feedback (RRC) About Us Research News Maps & Directions. Department of Drosophila Genomics and Genetic Resources Kyoto Instiute of Technology DGRC ID. Ay+Gal4 UAS-GFP (y, w; Act FRT y + FRT Gal4, UAS-GFP) (Bloomington Stock Center 4411); Srp-Gal4 UAS-GFP [srpHemo-Gal4#16 A3B, UAS-Src-EGFP (II)] (Bruckner et al., 2004); Sqh-GFP (y w sqhAV 3 cv; sqh-GFP42) (Royou et al., 2004); UAS-RokCAT (Winter et al., 2001); UAS-P35 [w; UAS-p35.H BH1 (II)] (Bloomington Stock Center 5072); UAS-Chickadee (L. Cooley, Yale University Medical School, Department. Trojan-Gal4 Expression Module: Recombination and Gateway Vectors MiMIC CRISPR Trojan Vectors / Plug-and-Play: pU6-2-gRNA: 1363: pU6-2-BbsI-gRNA: wheat U6 promoter guide RNA gRNA: CRISPR: pU6-3-gRNA : 1362: pU6-3-BgaI-gRNA pU6-Bbs-chiRNA: wheat U6 promoter guide RNA gRNA: CRISPR: Citing the DGRC. When publishing experiments using materials obtained from the DGRC please cite the Drosophila.

which were purchased from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center. The iso:tim-gal4 was obtained from Yirao's . XIA ET AL. | 3 lab, UAS-tim2-5 from Jeffrey L. Price's lab and was origi-nally generated by Amita Sehgal's lab. 2.2 | Ago1 CLEAR-CLIP library construction The protocol was adapted from previous reports.23,38 The flies (3-5d) were collected at ZT3 (Zeitgeber time) and fro-zen in. UAS/GAL4 Vectors: pUGW: 1283: poly-ubiquitin promoter (U) N-terminal GFP tag: Recombination and Gateway Vectors: pUNI[delta] 1070: donor loxP forward RK6gamma origin to propagate: Recombination and Gateway Vectors : pURW: 1282: poly-ubiquitin promoter (U) N-terminal RFP tag: Recombination and Gateway Vectors: pUWG: 1284: C-terminal GFP tag poly-ubiquitin promoter (U) Recombination and Gateway.

The GAL4-UAS system is used to study gene expression and function in organism such as the fruit fly. The system has two parts: the GAL4 gene, encoding the yeast transcription activator protein GAL4, and the UAS, a short section of the promoter region, to which Gal4 specifically binds to activate gene transcription . 2.4 Except for those that were generated in our laboratories, these lines were either obtained from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center or kindly provided by: Ronald L. Davis (TH-LexA, Berry et al., 2015), Thomas Preat and Pierre-Yves Plaçais (4-59-Gal4, 238Y-Gal4, G0050-Gal4, NP2758-Gal4, R71D08-Gal4, NP2492-Gal4, R27G01-Gal4, R14C08-LexA), Hiromu Tanimoto (R58E02-Gal4, Liu et al., 2012a.

Several dpp-GAL4 lines (Staehling-Hampton et al., 1994) were used: w; , NY). The one from Bloomington gave a weaker phenotype in ectopic eye induction, and was used to show the synergistic effect of eyg and ey. E132-GAL4, UAS-ey and ey 2 flies (Halder et al., 1995) were from Patrick Callaerts. Two ey-GAL4 lines were from Uwe Walldorf (University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany). Other fly. Author summary Phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) is a critical component of all cellular membranes, and maintaining cellular PE homeostasis is critical for survival and function of cells especially neuronal cells. There are two major PE synthesis pathways in eukaryotes, the CDP-ethanolamine pathway in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and the PSD pathway in mitochondria Photo-labeling using the transgenic lines that displayed weak GRASP signal—these are the R30E11-GAL4, R31C03-GAL4, and R53B06-GAL4 lines—or no GRASP signal—these are the R11F07-GAL4, R11F08-GAL4, and R12C04-GAL4 lines—led to the identification of a third type of neuron . The somata of these neurons are all located in the AL cluster, a region near the antennal lobe. Although each of.

which suppresses Gal4 activity in the VNC. No satiety reversal is seen in parental controls (grey No satiety reversal is seen in parental controls (grey and black) (**p<0.01, ***p<0.001 indicates a significant interaction term in a two-way ANOV The binary GAL4-UAS system of conditional gene expression is widely used by Drosophila geneticists to target expression of the desired transgene in tissue of interest. In many studies, a preferred target tissue is the Drosophila eye, for which the sev-GAL4 and GMR-GAL4 drivers are most widely used since they are believed to be expressed exclusively in the developing eye cells

Author summary Mitochondria are dynamic organelles that can fuse and divide, in part to facilitate turnover of damaged components. These processes are essential to maintain a healthy mitochondrial network, and, in turn, sustain cell viability. This is critically important in high energy-demanding, post-mitotic tissues such as neurons. We previously identified Drosophila phosphatidylinositol-4. Name Chromosome Bloomington Stock # Q-MARCM tubP-QS #3A, 19AFRT: X (3F9) 30129: tubP-QS #O, 19AFRT: X (13F1) 30130: tubP-QS #4C, 40AFRT: 2L (35D4) 3003 from the Bloomington Stock Center (USA). Two GMR-GAL4 stocks, one with the GMR-GAL4 transgene (Freeman 1996) inserted on chromosome 2 (w1118; GMR-GAL4; +)and the other with the GMR-GAL4 transgene inserted on chro-mosome 3 (w1118; +; GMR-GAL4, Igaki et al. 2002) were used. These two transgene insertions are designated in the following as GMR-GAL42 and GMR-GAL43, respectively. Reporter gene.

We thus tested different concentrations of ATR for each GAL4 driver used to stimulate neurons with ChR2.XXL in pilot experiments, thus determining the ATR concentrations that do not lead to activation of neurons by 594 nm laser that is used to excite jRCaMP1b calcium indicator in functional imaging. We used 500 μM of ATR throughout this study, with the exception of using 10 μM for activation. To examine GAL4 subtraction in vivo, OrX-GAL80 flies were crossed to flies with the genotype OrX-GAL4, UAS-mcd8::GFP. OSNs expressing the same OR can be identified from their specific glomerulus in the antennal lobe . OrX-GAL4, UAS-mcd8::GFP flies show robust expression of the membrane-bound GFP reporter gene in their respective glomeruli それとは、別に、先日Bloomingtonのlistを見ていたら、わたしが持っているのと別の系統名が付いたGAL4-UASlineが3line (multiple 1系統、 2nd link, 3rd link 各1系統)がHugo Bellenさんから提供されていました。Stock Centerに提供するくらいだから、効果が期待できるのではない. The Clk1982-Gal4 line was provided by N.R. Glossop . The lines Pdf-Gal4 , Repo-Gal4 , OK107-Gal4 , D52H-Gal4 , GMR-Gal4 , Elav-Gal4 , and R6-Gal4 were described previously. NOS Δ15 was a gift from P. O'Farrell

Gene expression patterns along the Drosophila midgut We analyzed the gut expression pattern of 210 reporter transgene lines. This table indicates for each line the transgene type, its expression pattern (+ indicates expression in the corresponding tissue), and the labeling system that has been used (crossed with UAS-nlsGFP for Gal4 transgenes, or direct visualization for GFP-trap lines) Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (BDSC) Indiana University Bloomington, IN, USA Kyoto Stock Center : The Kyoto Stock Center collects, maintains and distributes Drosophila melanogaster strains for research. Kyoto Stock Center Kyoto Institute of Technology Kyoto, Japan Exelixis : The Exelixis Collection of transgenic insertion stocks at Harvard Medical School is no longer being maintained as. tained from the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center and UAS-wg.RNAi from the VDRC Center. 1999 Genetics and Molecular Research 11 (3): 1997-2002 (2012) ©FUNPEC-RP www.funpecrp.com.br GMR-GAL4 expression in Drosophila X-Gal staining Eye and wing discs were dissected from 3rd-instar larvae in PBST and stained for β-galactosidaseactivity as previously described (Xue et al., 2007). RESULTS AND. To estimate the activity on the R2 neurons of the ellipsoid body, we used the R30G03-GAL4 (Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center #49646) strain in combination with CaLexA . All analyzed animals were socially naïve, unless otherwise stated. Neuronal activity in the R2 neurons of the ellipsoid body: CaLexA measurements . Animals were grown and treated in the same conditions as in behavioral.

Fig. 4 Flightsuccessratiooftub-GAL4>UAS-Diap1(opencircles withbrokenline)and tub-GAL4>DSK001(lledcircleswithsolid line)genotypesat5,40,50and60daysaftereclosion 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 54 05 06 0 Cl im bi ng speed (c m/ s) Days after eclosion Fig. 5 Climbingspeedoftub-GAL4>UAS-Diap1(opencircleswith brokenline)andtub-GAL4>DSK001(lledcircleswithsolidline Transgenes: btl-Gal4 , ap-Gal4 [Bloomington Stock Center (BSC)]; dpp-Gal4/CyO; HS-Bnl ; UAS-Tkv:GFP ; UAS-Dpp:Cherry, UAS-CD8:Cherry, UAS-CD8:GFP , Dad-nEGFP (III) , UAS-FGFR DN ; dpp-LHG/TM6 (LexA-Gal4 activation domain fusion; III) , dpp-LHG (II; this study), lexO-Dpp:GFP/TM6 and brk BM14-LHG , btl-LHG (II and III) (this study), lexO-CD4:GFP 11 (II), UAS-CD4:GFP 1-10 (III) , UAS-dppRNAi. GMR27E09-GAL4 and GMR94G06-GAL4 are specific drivers for two Type Is MNs and a single Type Ib MN, respectively, per Drosophila larvae hemisegment, thus allowing the specific labeling of these Types of MN. This will allow labeling, live imaging, and manipulation of these specific classes of MN, to better understand the biology of the NMJ and its physiologically diverse Types of synapse To do this, we used the GAL4/UAS system to knock down Pcl in neurons that express the sweet taste receptor gene Gustatory receptor 5a with the Gr5a-GAL4, which labels ~60 cells in the proboscis of adult flies ; we selected Pcl to narrow the effect to the PRC2.1 complex. Incidentally, Gr5a + cells also respond to fatty acids , but this modality was not affected by the high sugar diet. UAS/GAL4 Vectors: pMT-Kuz: 1144: kuzbanian pRmHa3-Kuz: metallothionein promoter Kuzbanian gene: Cell Culture Vectors Misc Vectors and cDNAs: pMT-KuzDN: 1143: kuzbanian dominant-negative pRmHa3-KuzDN : metallothionein promoter dominant-negative form: Cell Culture Vectors Misc Vectors and cDNAs: pMT-neuroglian: 1140: pRmHa3-nrg[180] metallothionein promoter neuroglian gene {long isoform) Cell.

(PDF) Age-associated de-repression of retrotransposons in—Western analysis of LamC levels in transgenic stocks used
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