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Sign in to your HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) online account to submit your VAT Return.You can also view your VAT account and access other VAT online services VAT: detailed information From: HM Revenue & Customs , HM Treasury , Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency , Border Force , Office of Tax Simplification , and The Scottish Governmen

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The VAT Return records things for the accounting period like:. your total sales and purchases; the amount of VAT you owe; the amount of VAT you can reclaim; what your VAT refund from HMRC is; You. www.hmrc.gov.u HMRC have issued a new brief reconfirming HMRC's view that only the owners of goods should import goods into the UK, and reclaim import VAT. This makes clear HMRC's policy applies to a wide range of supply chains beyond toll manufacturing arrangements. This guidance should be reviewed by anyone importing goods - including those restructuring their arrangements or who will be newly. VAT - how to register, effective date of registration, registration thresholds, calculate taxable turnover, change your details, deregister (cancel) or transfer a VAT registratio VAT Knowledge Base: HMRC Admin 2 HMRC Admin 2. Fri, 30 Aug 2019 14:17:00 GMT 0: Services In ROI: JHK Kee Trevor Steel. Fri, 20 Nov 2020 17:49:17 GMT 1: VAT on gift cards: Helen Campbell Trevor Steel. Fri, 20 Nov 2020 15:29:01 GMT 4: VAT - reduced rate on pitches for caravans : Batman1999 Trevor Steel. Fri, 20 Nov 2020 10:11:25 GMT 7: VAT RECLAIM ON ANNUAL STATIC CARAVAN FEES: Martin Gottlieb.

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General VAT enquiries and letters with attachments Please only write to HMRC about general VAT questions, if you are unable to contact us online . Replies may take longer than 15 working days Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HM Revenue and Customs or HMRC) is a non-ministerial department of the UK Government responsible for the collection of taxes, the payment of some forms of state support and the administration of other regulatory regimes including the national minimum wage and the issuance of national insurance numbers.. HMRC was formed by the merger of the Inland Revenue and.

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HMRC customers (and their agents) will use digital record-keeping software to interact directly with our systems via the MTD APIs. The MTD VAT API allows software to supply business financial data to HMRC, so that clients can fulfil their obligations. For more background on the VAT API, see the MTDfB VAT Guide for Vendors. How it work Following that decision, HMRC issued Brief 17 (2020): VAT liability of private sonography services - to clarify its position on the VAT liability of similar scans. HMRC's view. The brief confirms that HMRC has accepted the tribunal decision in Window to the Womb, and will not appeal it. This means that other businesses supplying scanning services can also exempt their supplies, provided they. Sorry - HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are currently experiencing problems with the service you have requested. HMRC are dealing with the problem and hope to have this service available again shortly, so please try again later. For general enquiries, please call the Helpline on Tel 0845 010 9000. If this problem happened while you were using HMRC's Online Services and you need further help. VAT treatment . Landlinx treated that receipt of £1,425,000 as consideration for an exempt supply for VAT purposes. HMRC decided that the Landlinx had made a taxable supply in respect of the receipt of the £1,425,000 and issued a VAT assessment for £237,500 Guidance from HMRC states: In line with EU rules, margin schemes involving goods, such as the second-hand margin schemes, will not usually apply for sales in Northern Ireland where the stock is purchased in Great Britain. The VAT on these sales will be subject to the normal rules and must be accounted for on the full value of the supply

HMRC is planning to migrate all VAT customers to a new platform over the next 12 months. At some point during this period, all customers who currently have a period key which is in fully numeric format (NNNN), will see this change to alphanumeric format (NNAN/NNAA). Period keys for quarterly returns will change to a format of NNAN & monthly and annual will change to NNAA. For this reason, we. HMRC's view now is that only in very limited circumstances, where there is no direct link between a payment and an underlying supply of goods or services, will such a payment be outside the scope of VAT. HMRC's new approach will apply even where there is a separate agreement for the payment or the amount of any payment is not equal to the. VAT and EC Sales List Online XML API. Technical specifications for software developers working with the VAT and EC Sales List Online service. This API is not part of the Making Tax Digital initiative. VAT and EC Sales List Online. For more information on how to use XML APIs, see Dealing with HMRC: Software development for HMRC

On 2 September, HMRC made a surprise announcement in Revenue & Customs Brief 12/2020 that as a result of Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) case law, it was changing its published guidance on the VAT treatment of both early termination payments and other compensation payments relating to commercial contracts. In brief, HMRC has set a new general rule: most such payments will now be.

You are here: Import & Export Import & Export Hom Background. HMRC and opticians have contested many lengthy battles over VAT on dispensed spectacles over the years. The Revenue and Customs Brief 14/2020 issued on 23 September 2020 gives two important concessions to opticians, also extended to hearing aid dispensers. The changes took effect from 1 October 2020 On 2 September 2020, HMRC published revised guidance confirming that it now considers that only where there is no direct link between a payment and a supply of goods or services will such payments be considered to be outside the scope of VAT. We look at the implications of this change of approach for clients and the steps they should take now Filing HMRC VAT returns online is one of those things that has traditionally had a reputation amongst small business owners as being a bit of a headache. Not to mention that completing and submitting a VAT return can be daunting, especially if it's not something you've done before, which is why KashFlow makes the process very easy

HMRC collects VAT revenues through businesses who are registered for VAT. If you'd like to know more about Value Added Tax, our dedicated introduction to VAT guide has everything you need. VAT Registration. Only businesses can be registered for VAT; individual consumers can't. If you are registered for VAT, you must charge VAT to your customers on applicable sales. You may also be able to. VAT experts based in France with strong internal expertise & hands-on approach! We provide VAT compliance services in all 28 EU Member States. Get a free quote HMRC's new general rule is that most such payments will be subject to VAT instead of outside the scope as per HMRC's previous guidance. The change in VAT treatment is as a result of two EU cases involving Portuguese telecoms providers MEO and Vodafone Portugal. Surprisingly, the brief says that the change will have retrospective effect, unless a business benefits from a specific ruling.


A value added tax identification number or VAT identification number (VATIN) is an identifier used in many countries, including the countries of the European Union, for value added tax purposes.. In the EU, a VAT identification number can be verified online at the EU's official VIES website. It confirms that the number is currently allocated and can provide the name or other identifying. VAT receipts raised over 130 billion British pounds in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2018/2019, following the largest increase in recent years VAT - Value Added Tax. Calls cost 7p per minute, plus your operator's access charge. This is a call forwarding service which will connect you directly to the official helpline for all VAT enquiries. We are not associated with HMRC

LC Forms Loading.. HMRC has just made available to companies a compilation of very useful information on VAT and customs in the UK. The following topics are particularly detailed: Measures taken due to Covid-19 crisis; VAT refund; Paying VAT; Importing and exporting goods and services. This information is available on the following page: VAT detailed information HMRC will shortly announce further information about the scheme and how to sign up for it. If you have deferred VAT your options for settling it are: pay in full on or before 31 March 2021 ; opt in to the new VAT deferral payment scheme when it launches in early 2021; or ; make a time to pay arrangement with HMRC

Special HMRC VAT Return rules apply when calculating how to reclaim VAT amounts for: Buying a new vehicle such as on cars, a van, or a tractor (includes repairs and fuel costs). Staff travel expenses such as car rental or accommodation. Businesses partly exempt from paying Value Added Tax. Using Estimated Figures . Businesses must ask for permission from HMRC to use estimated figures. But, you. HMRC can send VAT filing reminders if you check the requisite box within your company's online account. Begbies Traynor is able to help you negotiate with HMRC for more time to pay your tax liabilities, whether VAT, corporation tax or PAYE. Time to Pay arrangements can be valuable in cases where default is a possibility. Negotiating with HMRC for 35 Years; 1000's Successful TTP. Background. On 2 September 2020, HMRC published Revenue and Customs Brief 12 (2020) and updated guidance to treat early contract termination fees, including payments on a breach or withdrawal of a contract and liquidated damages, as subject to VAT.. Historically, HMRC's published view was that payments charged to customers to withdraw from agreements to receive goods or services were not. In sage VAT payable to HMRC shows in liability nominal code, which when a company pays HMRC, it is posted to the nominal code to reduce the liability. I don't know how to do this in Quickbooks, as the software have Vendors, where all account payable are or created. so If I do it as I understand, I would create VAT account on Vendors, create a bill, then pays it. This amount do not reduce the. VIES VAT number validation. You can verify the validity of a VAT number issued by any Member State by selecting that Member State from the drop-down menu provided, and entering the number to be validated

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COVID-19: HMRC update - deferring VAT payments. 23 June 2020. As part of the UK Government's support for businesses during COVID-19, HMRC gave businesses the option of deferring their VAT payments if they were unable to pay on time, without incurring late payment interest or penalties. Payment of VAT falling due between 20‌‌ March and 30‌‌ June 2020 can be deferred until 31. HMRC updates guidance on VAT on supply of telecommunications services . 1 Nov 2017. Pat Sweet. HMRC has updated its guidance about how to determine the place of supply of services in order to work out where the services are liable to VAT to reflect legislative changes which came into force on 1 November regarding the supply of telecommunications services . 1 Nov 2017. Pat Sweet. Reporter.

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  1. HMRC changes VAT policy for private baby scans . 30 Oct 2020. Pat Sweet. HMRC has published a brief on changes to the VAT treatment of ultrasound scanning services for pregnant women following the decision of a First Tier Tribunal (FTT) 30 Oct 2020.
  2. HMRC has published Revenue & Customs Brief 15 (2020) providing further clarification on who is entitled to recover import VAT. The Brief confirms that following a review of their policy announcement in Revenue & Customs Brief 2 (2019), their conclusion that only the owner of the goods is entitled to deduct import VAT remains unchanged.. HMRC's review of the polic
  3. HMRC expected VAT to be charged by reference to the amount of rent given-up by the landlord, based on an assumption that the landlord and tenant were providing something of equal value to each.
  4. ation payments and forfeited deposits have the potential to impact real estate transactions, potentially creating additional costs for taxpayers. Ter
  5. VAT: HMRC update post-transition guidance . Released 20 November 2020. HMRC have updated their guidance on accounting for VAT on goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1 January 2021. In particular, the following three sections have been added: • How VAT.

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HMRC Tax And Vat Investigations: Using Our Expertise To Protect Your Interests If you would like to speak to our specialist team, we can be contacted on: +44 (0)203 947 1539. Contact Us. Contact Our Specialist Team. HMRC - Tax and VAT Investigations. London Office: +44 (0)203 947 1539 Midlands Office: +44 (0)121 827 7985 Northern Office: +44 (0)1422 346 666 24hr Rapid Response: 0800 559 3500. Before you record your VAT payment to HMRC in Sage 50cloud Accounts, you should record the VAT transfer. This transfers the values from the sales and purchase tax control accounts into your VAT liability. 1. Complete the VAT transfer area as follows: Date. Enter the date for the VAT Transfer. Sales Tax Amount . This is the amount from Box 1 on the VAT Return, you can amend this if required. HMRC; VAT; Further HMRC abuse of DIY scheme. 19th Nov 2020. Les Howard . VAT Consultant vatadvice.org . Columnist . Share this content. This is beginning to annoy me! Not only have HMRC rejected a higher proportion DIY claims during the past three years, but they have implemented a practice to reduce claims which have been successfully appealed at the Tax Tribunal. Tucked away in HMRC's.

HMRC payment helplines: VAT, corporation tax, payroll. HMRC rules and regulations can seem complicated and confusing, and this can often lead to sole traders, business owners and company directors making mistakes that could cost them dearly in the future. However HMRC has a number of ways that it tries to offer help to people so that they don't end up falling foul of the system. It provides. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Use Azure AD to enable user access to HMRC VAT. Requires an existing HMRC VAT subscription In early September 2020, HMRC updated its guidance on the VAT treatment of early termination fees, compensation payments and liquidated damage

with HMRC's digital strategy for VAT services. This option as a way of filing VAT returns will be removed from April 21. HMRC will contact businesses who file their VAT returns via XML, and their software providers, in advance of April 21. These customers are encouraged to sign up and switch to MTD compatible software, which includes bridging products, as a means of submitting their VAT. HMRC's secondary grounds were that these payroll services could only be exempt from VAT if they were ancillary to a primary service that was exempt. HMRC argued that as these personal assistants were employed by disabled individuals directly they were not a body governed by public law nor another body recognised by the UK as being devoted to social welfare as stated in Article 132(1)(g)

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VAT incurred by businesses that does not relate to their onward making of taxable supplies (whether exempt or from 'non-business' activities) may not be offset from the amount of VAT that is payable to HMRC. A separate scheme, called The Flat Rate Scheme is also run by HMRC. This scheme allows a VAT registered business with a turnover of less. Expenses, VAT and HMRC Compliance in a Nutshell. When you get tax compliance right, not only will your business and HMRC become more confident of your process, reclaiming VAT on your expenses can. HMRC, UK Gov and EU Information. Official documentation and guides. HMRC Twitter FAQ; VAT MOSS 2015 Seminar Videos; The VAT MOSS portal - looking at the design it appears to have come directly from 1997 but it is new information. Explanatory Notes for the new legislation (PDF) Gov.uk: Supplying Digital Services and the VAT MOS

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VAT - or Value Added Tax - is charged by businesses at the point of sale of goods and services sold in the UK and the Isle of Man. Basically it is a tax on business transactions. Value Added Tax was introduced in 1973 as a replacement for Purchase Tax and Selective Employment Tax, as a condition of UK entry into the European Economic Community. The reduction in the standard rate of VAT from 17. I spent years doing manual review during the VAT period. ProboVAT is the first one I have found that does all that I need it to do. Plus I can submit my returns to HMRC directly. Jone. As an accountant, I can definitely see how ProboVAT can benefit both the accountant and the client creating a win-win situation. Lewes. This software makes it easier for an individual to file their return within. HMRC has now issued guidance on the VAT and SDLT treatment of lease variations. The guidance summarises how the VAT and SDLT rules work in this area and gives some useful examples of how HMRC. In 2019 HMRC sent 'nudge letters' to VAT-registered businesses that it thinks should have signed up to MTD for VAT. It is now contacting those businesses again ahead of ramping up its compliance activity in the Autumn. HMRC estimates that 84% of mandated businesses have signed up to Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT, but that leaves a sizeable number of businesses that still need to sign up.

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A reminder about MTD for VAT. The first step of MTD, that came into force in April 2019, is MTD for VAT. This required all businesses with a taxable turnover over the VAT threshold - £85,000 - to sign up to MTD, keep digital records and submit their VAT returns digitally to HMRC using MTD compliant software Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT is the strategy through which HMRC aims to transform the tax system. It requires VAT registered businesses with a taxable turnover above the VAT registration threshold to keep records in digital form and file their VAT returns using software. MTD for VAT Non-Compliance Research 5 MTD for VAT compliant business: For a business to be MTD compliant it must keep. HMRC introduced new VAT rules for credit notes on 1st September 2019. Suppliers and their business customers will need to comply when there is a change in the price (up or down) of an invoice. The rules are contained in VAT General Regulations 1995 (as amended) If VAT is now chargeable you will need to correct the previous treatment and account for the retrospective VAT due to HMRC, in which case you should review the contract to check if it states you.

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HMRC Time to Pay Arrangement for VAT and PAYE; Who we are. Questions to ask any advisor; Advice from Family and Friends; Company Rescue Locations; Board of Directors; Regional Managers; Home. Will HMRC give me time to pay my VAT and PAYE if I can't pay it right now? Keith Steven . A Time to Pay Arrangement with HMRC is a debt repayment plan for your outstanding taxes. Companies that have. In early September 2020, HMRC updated its guidance on the VAT treatment of early termination fees, compensation payments and liquidated damages following recent decisions of the Court.. Businesses that are registered for VAT (value added tax) need to pay HMRC a certain percentage of the money they receive from any 'taxable supplies', which includes things like business sales, commission, and the sale of business assets. Even if you haven't charged VAT to the customer, you will still have to pay the VAT amount to HMRC. That's why it's essential that you know what you. After authorising Datadear with HMRC (I can see Datadear is registered and authorised on the HMRC site), I returned to Excel and a pop up advised to click ok to complete authorisation. After doing so it sits calculating

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HMRC further response to ATT queries on temporary reduced rate of VAT; HMRC further response to ATT queries on temporary reduced rate of VAT. 27 October 2020. On 8 July, the Chancellor announced that certain supplies of hospitality, holiday accommodation and admission to attractions would be subject to a temporary 5% reduced rate of VAT between 15 July 2020 and 12 January 2021. Following this. The HMRC VAT Return reference Number and the Amount to Pay are taken from the submitted VAT Return and can't be changed. Click Pay Now. Click Yes to process the payment. If you use e-Banking, save the e-Banking file, then use your bank's software to import the file and pay HMRC. If you use Supplier Payments, the payment will be immediately submitted to Supplier Payments for approval by your. HMRC loses VAT challenge on baby scans . 10 Jun 2020. Pat Sweet. HMRC has lost a tax tribunal appeal over the VAT treatment of supplies of certain ultrasound scanning services to pregnant women, which private clinics claimed should be exempt as supplies of medical care, but which HMRC argued were standard rated . 10 Jun 2020. Pat Sweet. Reporter, Accountancy Daily, published by Croner-i Ltd. I'm wondering what's going on while using the test api HMRC service on my side. I authorized the client, got the HMRC authorization code for my Test User upon his and granting access to the VAT data, entered it on my application and got Success from the API. Still, when trying to request obligations, I get this logged: Could anyone help. HMRC is proposing a VAT rate of 20% for #solar installations where the cost of materials is above 60% of total install cost. This is set to hit combined solar and #batterystorage installations, collective purchase schemes and higher-end solar and smart energy products. — Solar Trade Association #Fair4Solar (@thesolartrade) June 24, 2019. Renewable Energy Association chief executive Nina.

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HMRC has published an updated VAT Public Notice 701/41 on sponsorship and donation. Mixed sponsorship and donations. Charities will often receive both sponsorship and donation income at the same time. There is no requirement to account for VAT on the donation, provided that the donation is entirely separate from the sponsorship agreement, or that the sponsorship agreement makes clear which. The VAT liabilities are now retrieved from HMRC and you can view them on the VAT Liabilities page. A confirmation page shows how many liabilities were retrieved. To retrieve VAT payments from HMRC: Choose the icon, enter VAT Payments, and then choose the related link. On the VAT Payments page, choose Process, and then choose Get Payments

HMRC 'misses £4,000' from letters explaining where taxMaking VAT Digital – two weeks to get up to speed with changesCorporation Tax Reminder - have you got yours?

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VAT repayments are usually approved within 30 days of HMRC receiving your VAT Return. If HMRC has your bank details, the refund will go directly to your bank account. If not, you will be sent a cheque. VAT Returns and Debitoor. Debitoor invoicing software makes it easy for users to submit their VAT Returns. If you're registered for Making Tax Digital, you can report your VAT directly to HMRC. Connect QuickBooks to HMRC to submit VAT - MTD for accountants SOLVED • by QuickBooks • QuickBooks Accountant Online • 18 • Updated August 07, 2020 From April 2019, all eligible UK VAT-registered businesses will have to keep their financial records in a digital form and submit their VAT returns using approved software Welcome to the HMRC Community Forums. The Community Forums will help you find answers to your questions about tax and benefits. Use the search bar to find an answer to your query or use the forums to ask a question. Knowledge Base. Browse the Knowledge Base to find information and guidance and links to help and support. Go to the Knowledge Base Forums . Find answers to general queries, ask new.

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Welcome to VAT for Government and NHS If you represent a Government Department, NHS Trust or a Royal Household you can use this service to file you VAT21 and VAT100 forms. When you click Sign in you will be directed to the Government Gateway sign-in page where you should enter the user id and password for your account that is enrolled in the VAT GIANT service hmrc / vat-api. Watch 65 Star 50 Fork 13 Apache-2.0 License 50 stars 13 forks Star Watch Code; Issues 35; Pull requests 2; Projects 0; Wiki; Security; Insights; Dismiss Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. GitHub is where the world builds software. Millions of developers.

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Simple MTD VAT Bridging Solution to e-file and confirm HMRC MTD VAT Return. A complete MTD VAT Bridging solution fully complying with HMRC's Making Tax Digital (MTD). REGISTER LOGIN . 12BridgingMTDVAT Features. Data Integration Made Simple Keep using your old accounting software or ERP solutions and migrate data easily to our system and just file VAT returns. Supports Multiple VRNs Agents can. VAT (Making Tax Digital) VAT (MTD) end-to-end service guide: Service Guide: VAT (MTD) REST API: Create Test User: Test Support API: Test Fraud Prevention Headers: Test Support API: VAT: VAT and EC Sales List Online: XML AP Submit VAT returns to HMRC. When a VAT return in JSON format is generated and ready to be submitted to HMRC, you can initialize its submission to the MTD for VAT web application. The last JSON file that was attached to the electronic message will be used for the submission. To help prevent discrepancies, we recommended that you delete any. HMRC Provides Clarity on VAT and Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Treatment of the Most Common Lease Variations. August 17, 2020. Download PDF. Key Points: COVID-19 has caused a rise in variations of commercial leases; HMRC has published a briefing paper to help landlords and tenants comply with appropriate tax legislation by providing guidance on VAT and SDLT treatment of common lease variations.

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HMRC und Amazon sind mit der VAT inzwischen ziemlich gnadenlos. Zum Glück. Von einem VAT-Befreiungsschreiben des HMRC habe ich noch nie was gehört oder gelesen. Falls es das geben sollte, ist die Prozedur sicher komplizierter als eine einfache Registrierung. CMG_GmbH 2019-05-07 11:04:22 UTC #3. Hallo, das Gleiche Problem hatten wir Anfang des Jahres auch. FBA -> eine Retoure wurde in das FBA. County Armagh couple jailed for VAT fraud Press releases • Nov 29, 2019 10:36 GMT. A farmer and his wife have been jailed for their role in a £610,000.00 VAT fraud, after a HM Revenue and.

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The only app that gives you access to HMRC's information on your personal tax affairs. Feel in control of your financial life by joining the 400,000 people who use the HMRC app every month. Download the HMRC app from the UK Government today. Use the HMRC app to: - check your next salary payment from your employer - check your next tax credit payments - find your tax code - find out how much. County Armagh couple jailed for VAT fraud Press releases • Nov 29, 2019 10:36 GMT. A farmer and his wife have been jailed for their role in a £610,000.00 VAT fraud, after a HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) investigation into their County Armagh beef cattle farm To sign up for updates or to access your subscriber preferences, please enter your contact information below HMRC is proposing fundamentally changing the way that the reduced-rate of VAT is applied to solar, as well as other household renewable technologies. Currently, the 5% reduced rate of VAT applies to installations of solar and combined installations of solar and storage as solar is listed under the energy-saving materials and heating equipment list

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